What is the difference between commercial roofing and residential roofing?

commercial roofing and residential roofing If you are thinking about replacing your roof structure, you will have to keep certain things in your mind. First of all, you should know that commercial roofing and residential roofing are not the same. You cannot have the same approach while doing both the replacement. There is a difference in terms of material, design, maintenance, and installation cost. You will have to look into each of them to develop the right approach while opting for it.


Some essential points of difference


  • Design: It is the most notable difference between the residential and commercial building. The commercial building has more extensive roof square footage as compared to residential buildings. The roof also has to support the extra weight and size of the building. On the other hand, the residential buildings have a pitched roof with a higher slope. The contractor you will hire should have the expertise and knowledge to help you get the top you want. They should help you to also economize on your budget.


  • The material used: Based on the design, the purpose of the building, and the natural elements, both the structures differ in the material used. It has a lot to do with the lifespan and also the maintenance of the building. The commercial buildings cover a large area and involve elements like ventilation and air condition. The material thus used has to support the design and also last longer. Materials like ceramic, solar shingles, wood shakes, and metal roofing that are common to both. The contractor you hire should have the necessary skill and knowledge to help you get what you want. Talk to them about the warranty for the roof structure. Remember, the more the warranty, the better it is for you.


  • Maintenance: It is a common fact that commercial buildings require more maintenance as compared to residential buildings. You will have to look into many aspects of the commercial building compared to the residential building. You might need to make regular checks for any cracks or damage on the roof so that you can rectify them instantly. Residential buildings are elementary to maintain as it is easy to scan the damage and repair them.


  • The installation cost: There is a massive difference in the installation and overall cost of the process. You will have to talk it out with the contractor so that they can help you with the entire process. Commercial roofing is expensive than residential roofing due to the difference in labor, size, material, and protection equipment. Thus get in touch with more than one contractor to get your needs satisfied within your budget. You can hire experts from the Benchmark roofing company for a smooth installation process.


Here it can be said that roofing is a task that calls for a good deal of attention. If you are an attentive owner, you will look into each aspect and get your things into place. Try to get all the resources in one place and decide judiciously. It will help you to ascertain the exact dimensions before you undertake the roof replacement.